Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Funny Pets and Health Benefits

Pets give your family lot of love as well as constant companionship. The various studies show that having pet is good for your health too. A pet is undoubtedly a great friend. In a busy schedule, pet owners feel so fresh when they spend time with their pet in the evening.  Pets can also amuse us through their funny and cute behavior. Funny Pets can even have a powerful effect on children’s health.

Pet Research and Human Health

healthy old man with pet dogAfter monitoring a group of people before & after they obtained a pet, one study found that majority of persons had a great health improvement within 3 to 9 months.  As per Dr. Danielle Fisher, having a pet early in life supports immune system of growing body and further helps to fight against infections in better way. One study carried out in Finland with 397 kids, for one year right from their birth. The reports collected weekly basis from their families regarding the time spends by these kids with cats and dogs. Then they found out that animal contact during initial stages of life increases resistance power of child. Even the journal Pediatrics research says that children are healthier from pet owning families.

Pets are Good for speedy recovery after illness

It is found that dog owners are healthier and active as they get exercises when they walk along with a dog, actually it is good for both dog and the dog-owner. Having regular pet contacts reduces or lowers the cholesterol levels and further helps in speedy recovery after illness. Even looking at Funny Dog Pictures can make you relax when you are not feeling well.

Pets Refresh Your Mind

A pet proves good for your health of mind. Generally it is seen that pet owners can share their feelings with their pets which actually they find difficult sharing with humans. Having a pet is a good solution for the person who suffers from depression or even anxiety. Playing with dog actually elevates the nerve transmitters’ level. Even the memories of your pets in the form of funniest pet pictures can amuse you for several months later.

Pets are Good for Heart Patients

The other health benefit of living with pets is that a heart attack patient survives more if he is pet owner. It is also seen that the pet owners have very less sign of heart disease than non-owners. Cats have an instant soothing effect. Holding a pet or cat helps to lower the blood pressure and boosts immunity system.

Pets as Allergy Fighters

If the babies are with pets’ right from their birth, then it helps to increases the level of fighting with bacteria in the environment. The chances of getting Infants pet allergies lowers. Even when infants have great exposure to dirt helps them to strengthen their immune system. Even few researches shows that dog owner babies had few ear infections.

Pets are Friend to Kids as well as Senior Citizens

Pets are good for all age. Even they are helpful to aged persons as they help to remind senior citizens routine life work and lessening their stress. Children are too benefited from growing up with pets at their home. Being with pet make you more socialize and also to gain confidence. The helper dog can assist as volunteers as they teach kindness to kids and it has been observed that such kids develop healthier understanding of non verbal communication. You will always find that pets are good listeners and many people feel relaxed after talking with their pets as pets do not criticize.

Pets as Date pullers

Pets are considered by many as a good companion. Pets can even help you get dates and making good love connections. Even in the new era, pets proved to be a good conversation starter. Pets help to ease people out of shyness and social isolation.

A pet proves good for your metal, physical and social health.

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